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How to volunteer


  • Be at least 15 years or older
  • Commit a minimum of three hours per week
  • Pass a background check
  • Be a reliable and responsible individual
  • Provide an Email or phone number which you can be contacted at

What is the process of becoming a volunteer?

1. Contact me by Brianda Cediel explaining your volunteering interests at Hands Across the World. 

2. Schedule a time to meet with Volunteer Coordinator at Hands Across the World to discuss opportunities. (Meetings outside of office hours can be arranged.)

3. Complete Volunteer Application Packet, Orientation, and Volunteer Code of Conduct.

4. Await approval.

5. Volunteer!

Volunteer Opportunities 

"Our goal is to capitalize on the many talents that each of our volunteers has to offer, yet it is also important that your needs and expectations are met by the ways in which you choose to volunteer."

English as a Second Language (ESL) Classroom Assistant: You will aid in a classroom with simple tasks such as working one-on-one with students, handing out assignment, or however the teacher needs your assistance. You can work with the teacher to develop a plan for you as a classroom assistant.

Computer Classroom Assistant: You will aid in a classroom with helping students learning computer programs, typing, Email, website usage, and other computer-orientated skills. You will assist the teacher.

Childcare Leader: You will be the leader in the Childcare Education Center. You will have assistants to help you. However, you will be in charge of leading the children and the assistants. There is a schedule for you to follow and you will decide children activities for the day. 

Childcare Assistant: You will be working with children in our Childcare Education Center. There is a leader and schedule to follow. You will play games and other child activities with the children.

Most Needed Positions Currently (updated 9/10/2013)

  1. Basic math teacher
  2. "After School Program" children tutors
  3. Somali translators
  4.  Grant Writer
  5. "After School Program" Assistant Director
  6. Volunteer Coordinator Assistant (training into Volunteer Coordinator position)
  7. Marketing and Media
  8. Project planners
  9. Business Management
  10. Basic math teacher
  11. Fundraiser Coordinator
  12. Art Teacher and assistants
  13. Sewing Teacher and Assistants
  14. Art with children
  15. Computer classroom assistant
  16. Technology helpers
  17. Kid's Soccer Coach
  18. Kid's Soccer Coach Assistant
  19.  Social Worker

Specialized Volunteer Opportunities: